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Mini Bounce Squad Term 4

Mini BOUNCE Squad is a program designed specifically for preschoolers learning the fundamentals of physical, social and emotional skills, on the way to becoming the freestylers of tomorrow.

The program teaches self-expression, confidence and fundamental movement skills, incorporating the unique fun and physical health benefits of trampolining. BOUNCE is a safe and multi sensory environment for participants to harness balance, coordination, strength and agility in a way that focuses on fun, creativity and self-expression. It is the perfect freestyle playground for children to progress, inspiring self-expression and human connection in physical activity.


  • Classes are one hour in duration and have a maximum of 8 participants
  • Includes FREE venue access until 4pm Monday to Friday
  • The program is for ages 2+
  • The program cost $15 per week
  • Term 4 commences week of the 14th of October and will conclude the week of the 16th of December
  • If you have any questions please call our programs team on 1300 000 540.


  • Venue access Mon-Fri until 4pm during term time, excluding school and public holidays
  • Price varies based on term length and can be affected by public holidays
  • Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Make up classes are not available
  • Where a customer is unable to attend for 6 or more weeks for medical reasons, a credit may be offered for the following term

Additional information

Day and Time

Friday 09:00 AM, Friday 10:00 AM, Friday 11:00 AM, Monday 09:00 AM, Monday 10:00 AM, Monday 11:00 AM, Saturday 09:00 AM, Thursday 09:00 AM, Thursday 10:00 AM, Thursday 11:00 AM, Tuesday 09:00 AM, Tuesday 10:00 AM, Tuesday 11:00 AM, Wednesday 09:00 AM, Wednesday 10:00 AM, Wednesday 11:00 AM

Age Range

2 – 3.5, 3.5 – 5, 3.5-5yrs, 30-12, 2 – 5 yrs