BOUNCE Squad provides participants with a great head start in developing social, emotional and fundamental skills – the perfect program for kids in the early years of school.

This all new program teaches fundamental movement skills, establishing a key foundation that will be built on in the early years of school. Participants learn important physical skills with an equal emphasis on socialising, working with others and relevant aspects of physical literacy.

The program will build on these achievements by introducing progression, challenges, taking safe risks and celebrating success to build confidence. Classes provide consistency and stability for children who are starting school.

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In structured one-hour classes, BOUNCE Squad participants will be guided through fundamental movement skills, balanced with the fun of learning through play. Coaches take participants through challenges such as springing, landing, rotation, balancing, holds, swinging and object management.

With a focus on developing the whole child, participants in BOUNCE squad will also develop social skills such as working with and encouraging others, listening to instructions, asking for help and sharing. Emotional skills taught include articulating and regulating feelings, understanding how behavior affects others, managing fear and frustration and learning how to take safe risks.

Lessons are structured to include a fun, game-based warm up, followed by a number of circuits, full of activities that utilize the trampolines, soft shapes, air track and big bag.  The class finishes with a cool down and feedback.


● BOUNCE Squad is available at all venues
● Classes are one hour in duration and have a maximum of 8 participants
● Classes cost $22 per week with a ten week term costing $220
● Participants are aged between 5 and 7 years old


By joining the BOUNCE Freestyle Tribe, participants develop friendships and social skills while keeping healthy and active. Participants learn how to navigate physical and mental challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

BOUNCE staff hosts are selected and trained around a philosophy of inspiring physical activity, self-expression and human connection.