Our friends at Supaworld have joined forces with BOUNCE and their four venues in Geelong, Keysborough, Wodonga and Hobart are becoming part of the BOUNCE Global Tribe!

Now BOUNCE has a team of more than 3,000 staff world-wide with a passion for self-powered adrenaline, and you can expect the same awesome customer service to continue.

All venues have had a full BOUNCE makeover and we will continue to add more awesome features for all our adrenaline hunters. Our teams are now trained to deliver the BOUNCE Freestyle Academy Program.

We’ll see you soon!


I have a Supaworld gift card, can I still use it?
You sure can! Supaworld gift cards will be able to be redeemed at the former Supaworld sites. The gift cards can be used to make a booking over the phone, or they can be used in venue. Unfortunately they can no longer be used to book online.

Can I still use the pass from the Christmas Pack I got?
You can definitely use these! The pass can be used to make a booking over the phone, or they can be used in venue. Unfortunately they can no longer be used to book online.

Can I use my Supaworld grip socks?
Yes! You’ll be able to continue to use Supaworld socks for the next few months before we changeover to BOUNCE socks only. This will give you a chance to wear out your old pairs and we’ll keep you updated on this change on our website. Please remember if they’re starting to look worn out and have a few holes, it’s probably time to grab yourself a new pair!

Will I need to book online?
Online bookings are definitely recommended as it means that you’ll guarantee and secure your booking spot. There is also a cost saving when you book online.
You’re also able to walk-in, however we can’t guarantee that there will always be spots available, especially during school holidays and weekends.

When are the Supaworld venues changing to BOUNCE?
We will be reopening our Supaworld centres as BOUNCE venues on the following dates:
Keysborough – Friday the 12th of Feb.
Wodonga – Friday the 12th of March.
Hobart – Friday the 26th of Feb.
Geelong – Friday the 5th of March.

Please note: the venues will be closed for the 3 – 4 days prior to reopening.

Is the pricing changing?
There will be some small changes to the pricing as some of our ticket types evolve. We’re committed to offering some great value tickets and a discount when booking in advance too!

Can I bring my own food in?
Unfortunately due to our Health & Safety policy, no self-catering is allowed. 

I have a credit from an unused class, what happens to that?
If you have credits remaining please contact your venue and we will provide the same value in passes so that you can visit a venue whenever you like. Classes will commence in term 2 when we launch the all new BOUNCE Freestyle Academy. You can read more about this here.

Supaworld has joined the Global BOUNCE Tribe