A challenge for every climber – big or small! The Climbing Wall brings a range of unique rock climbing challenges into one place… and they’re seriously awesome!

Our Rock Climbing challenges are suitable for any age… Ready to race your mates?

At BOUNCE Wodonga, Hobart, Geelong and Keysborough, we’ve got heaps of unique climbing walls to challenge everyone from the beginner rock climber to the seasoned pro! Feel like climbing solo? Not a problem – Our auto belay system means you don’t need a partner at the bottom watching you climb, leaving you free to race your mates up the walls… or do your best Superman impression.

Adults, if you are already jealous of the fun your kids can have, don’t worry you to can participate in the rock climbing too!

All participants must watch a compulsory safety brief before climbing. A harness fitted by a BOUNCE crew member must be worn at all times.
Children under 12 years must be accompanied by a person 16 years or older. Only one person on a challenge at a time. Look below before you jump down.
No climbing without being clipped into the auto belay.
BOUNCE crew strictly monitor safety & their direction must be followed. Closed toed shoes must be worn in the climbing areas at all times.
Participants must be more than 10kgs and less than 150kgs in weight.


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