The BOUNCE Freestyle Academy is a skill development coaching program. The Academy  harnesses balance, coordination, strength and agility in a way that focuses on fun, creativity and self expression.

BOUNCE Freestyle Academy is made up of 4 specialised programs that develop skills from walking age toddlers through to Freestyle athletes. Progression milestones are rewarded and celebrated along the way.

All programs within the Academy offer the same platform of movement and development skills. Each program then focuses on the specific areas of ninja, trampoline and fundamental movement skills.

AGES 2-5

Designed specifically for preschoolers learning fundamentals skills.

Trampoline program teaching freestyle skills & tricks.


AGES 5-7

The perfect program for kids in the early years of school.

Combines elements of Ninja, Parkour & Free-running.


BOUNCE is a place that creates and celebrates joy, fun and self-powered adrenaline. We are part of a global freestyle movement inspiring self-expression and human connection in physical activity.

Our Purpose is to ‘Inspire movement, self expression & human connection’. We aim to be a loved destination for the families, schools and young people, who come to BOUNCE to learn new skills, awaken confidence and just let go.

Everything we build is also designed to meet the needs of the freestyle athletes who train with us. These people help shape our evolution and inspire others by showing what’s possible.

Across different countries, cultures, ages and skill levels we are growing an inclusive tribe. Our tribe is unified around the feeling of freedom that comes from combining balance, coordination, strength and agility just for fun. We call it freestyle.

Join the BOUNCE Freestyle Tribe.