get a taste of the exciting world of ninja with a one hour workshop for $20!

Ninja Squad Workshops combine core elements of Ninja, Parkour and Free-running.

The workshop teaches athletic movement fundamentals, developing creative ways of moving, rolling, balancing, vaulting, swinging and landing safely. 

In a structured one-hour session, participants will be taken on a developmental journey. You’ll get to harness balance, coordination and agility through the lens of freestyle and open up the world of adventure sport!

Terms & Conditions

• Minimum 125cm height required for all participants
• Lace-up, flat-soled shoes must be worn in the area
• Tickets are non-refundable an non-transferable
• Please note the age bracket of the workshop
– 4pm: 8-11 years old
– 5pm: 8-11 years old
– 6pm: 11-15 years old