The ultimate test of agility, balance and patience… Our Ninja Warrior Course will push you to the limit!

Jump, flip, swing and weave your way through the course – with each obstacle just as exhilarating and exciting as the last. Jump the slanted steps and run over the ladder bridge (but don’t fall off!) then ride the Supa’s Ninja’s cargo tube before carefully tackling the wall run.

Only the strongest of Ninjas complete the cargo net (complete with trapeze entry, it’s a tricky one!) – but the monkey bars and hanging doors are bucket loads of wobbly fun.

Ninja Warrior Course is available at BOUNCE Geelong and Keysborough.

Participants must be above 110cms. Grip socks must be worn at all times. Only attempt obstacles within your skill level. One participant per obstacle at a time. Give way to faster runners. No climbing on the metal trusses. 


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