It’s MUCH cheaper with BOUNCE Multi Visit PassES!

Scroll down and check out our prices for BOUNCE multi visit passes. Make any pass a gift for an extra $5 – includes socks and wristband in an awesome Gift of Flight can!

*Shipping from 2 January 2019*


Terms & Conditions

  • All passes are valid for 12 months.
  • You can only book your session once you have received the pass.
  • Passes may take up 5 days to arrive.
  • You can pay online and pick the pass up in the venue by selecting ‘click and collect’. Please allow 24 hours between buying and collecting.
  • BOUNCE Grip Socks not included.
  • Bouncers must be at least 3 years old.
  • General Admission: Jumpers over 110cm in height.
  • 20 Multi Visit Pass: Valid for card holder only. If you wish to use your pass for multiple people, please purchase a 10 Multi Visit Pass.
  • Junior Jumpers: Only valid during Junior Jumper hours and for jumpers under 110cm in height.
  • Student Session: Only valid Mon-Fri only. Not valid during school or public holidays. Valid Student ID is required if you’re over 17.